Now that it is easy for me to edit this website from home, I am adding my first new feature, HEALTH NEWS, where I will give links to articles and research studies related to health that I feel worthy of everybody's (and everymind's) attention, along with, when warranted, a brief commentary by me.


Lending inspiration to create this section is the shocking news that broke on 1/26/09 that a good percentage of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is contaminated with mercury. You can read more about the hazards of mercury toxicity in my Mercury Madness article (Andre, please link this if you can). Mercury is a deadly toxin, and even the tiniest level is dangerous. Until now, it appeared the two major sources of mercury exposure were amalgam dental fillings and seafood. However, I sometimes have seen high mercury levels in people without amalgams who eat little seafood, and the source of mercury was a mystery. But with the average American consuming 12 tsp of HFCS a day (and, because many, like me, consume virtually none, there must be many consuming much more than 12 tsp a day), this now appears to be a leading source of mercury toxicity. It has already been well demonstrated that HFCS (even if not contaminated by mercury) is very deleterious to one's health, contributing significantly to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. This research is a compelling reason to avoid HFCS as much a s possible, which can be a challenge due to its ubiquitous presence in processed foods. For further info re: the research itself, as well as a fine commentary on it, please check out

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